Institutional Membership Benefits

National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) institutional members include private colleges to large public universities, and two-year colleges to four-year universities and span the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, and beyond. You need a professional organization to partner with who can provide you with measurable benefits, so the value you receive from membership is far beyond networking with your peers. When you become a member of NACUFS, you become part of a professional organization who is your partner in helping you bring excellence in collegiate dining to your campus through a variety of benefits.

NACUFS member dues are based on your annual foodservice revenue, you can find membership pricing here: membership dues pricing structure

Community Connections

An important aspect of every professional association is the connections you make and the available networking opportunities. NACUFS members not only connect with other professionals in foodservice operations, but also with industry members who can help you further advance your operations with access to suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants.

Professional Development

Continuous professional development is a critical factor in growing your career, and your foodservice operation. For this reason, education has always been at the core of our service offerings. NACUFS offers in-person and virtual events including conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops. More advanced training is available through our Institutes, which are multi-day development courses focused on the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Body of Knowledge™.


Winning a NACUFS award validates the hard work you and your staff do every day as you strive for excellence in collegiate dining. A NACUFS award sets you apart from other programs and raises awareness of your brand, both within your institution and externally. This recognition can help attract and retain great talent and eager customers. As a NACUFS institutional member, you will have opportunities to compete for prestigious awards in culinary arts, sustainability, nutrition, catering, dining, and retail sales. In addition to institutional awards, individual honors for distinguished service, lifetime membership, and outstanding service to the association are awarded.


Managing a foodservice operation is no easy task, and one that gets more complex each year. When you have access to the right tools, you become more efficient, you grow personally and professionally, and you are a part of building a successful foodservice operation. As a NACUFS member, you have access to benchmarking surveys, learning and training resources, the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Body of Knowledge™ , Campus Dining Today® magazine, an online member search, an online community and more! 


Annual membership dues for institutions are based on your annual foodservice revenue, in U.S. dollars. Have membership questions? Send an email to .