Now featuring new reporting tools to evaluate sustainable, local, and supplier diversity metrics!

As foodservice professionals, how and what you choose to grow, purchase, cook, and serve are at the center of the sustainability challenges affecting the environmental footprint of the entire food sector. The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) is proud to offer this comprehensive suite of sustainability resources to help collegiate foodservice operations across the globe contribute to a better world that will nourish and support generations to come.

NEW Sustainability Assessment Tool

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Measure your institution's foodservice sustainability efforts with this interactive online tool that will estimate the institutions’ total sustainability impact, monitor progress, track progress year-over-year, and help guide decisions on sustainability priorities and next steps.

NACUFS has for several years offered a sustainability assessment tool for institutions as part of the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Sustainability Toolkit, and this will now be available in an interactive online form for an easy, streamlined process that makes reporting and analysis easier than ever.

This online assessment tool is FREE for NACUFS members, offered in partnership with MaetaData, advanced technology software at the intersection of food supply chain visibility and data science.

Sustainability Assessment Tool


NEW Sustainability Report Card

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Get an in-depth snapshot of your sustainability success story. NACUFS has worked with leading technology software partner Maeta-Data to create a Sustainability Report Card that organizes your sustainable, plant-based, diverse and local spend metrics and analyzes them against MaetaData’s extensive industry data, allowing institutions to compare themselves anonymously to similar institutions.

This incredible resource is available for a special member price of just $500. The report card gives you:

  • A sustainable school-year snapshot with an industry average score and strategy for moving forward
  • Overview of your sustainable, plant-based, diverse, and local spend metrics according to 85+ attributes and certifications.
  • Answers to 10 questions specific to your procurement data.
  • $500 credit towards a Sustainable Insights subscription with MaetaData.

Sustainability Report Card


NEW Discounted Sustainable Insights Interactive Reporting Dashboard

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NACUFS members will now have access to an exclusive 20% discount on Maeta-Data’s comprehensive sustainability reporting technology. Trusted by leading institutions across the college & university foodservice sector, this patented technology offers:

  • Dashboards for sustainable, plant-based, diverse, and local spend analysis with MaetaData’s patented AI system.
  • Easy exports to Excel, PDF and Power Point.
  • Templates for higher education third-party reporting programs such as AASHE STAR (2.2/3.0), Menus of Change, and others.
  • Proprietary 4 Families of Local® identified farms, independent businesses, and other sources available within your definition of local.
  • Optional features include sourcing maps and carbon scoring recipe calculator and label system.
  • Multi-campus reporting that accommodates each campus' mileage/state(s) definition of local with centralized views across all campuses.

Explore Sustainable Insights Technology


NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide©

The NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© is designed to help collegiate foodservice professionals plan, adopt, and improve their sustainability impact within the overall institutional structure, and global environment. Whether starting a sustainability program from scratch or already have a mature program, the Sustainability Guide provides an overview and best practices of ten key sustainability issues:

  • Food Waste
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Social Equity
  • Local, Seasonal Menus & Purchasing Strategy
  • Waste Reduction
  • Animal Welfare
  • Biodiversity & Habitat Protection
  • Sustainable Seafood
  • Sustainability Collaboration
  • Ingredient Transparency

 The NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide, Sustainability Assessment Tool, NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans, and NACUFS Train the Trainer Program is collectively called the NACUFS Sustainability Toolkit.

NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© Lesson Plans

Equip the team to tell the story of campus sustainability efforts with the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans. Grow awareness among the larger campus community through training the team utilizing this step-by-step instruction guide covering the ten key sustainability issues highlighted in the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide.

NACUFS Train the Trainer Program

Identify and train team members to deliver the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans with the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program. Develop and guide trainers in storytelling and provide crucial background information on how adults learn.


Purchase the NACUFS Collegiate Foodservice Sustainability Guide© and receive the Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans and the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program free.

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Non-Member: $299

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