NACUFS Train the Trainer

The day-to-day responsibilities of a college and university dining professional can make it a challenge to set aside the time to provide focused, comprehensive training for your staff. The NACUFS Train the Trainer Program will enable you to develop and guide staff in delivering customized and uniform training and free up your time to focus on the higher-level issues impacting your operation.

The program is a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box system, or it can be completely customized to your operations programs and services, whether you are contract-managed or self-operated. It includes a PowerPoint template, an instructor guide, and a learner summary sheet.

Provide ONE training to your designated team members, and from there, they can provide the training for you.

By the end of the program, your trainers will:

  • Understand who makes a successful trainer.
  • Understand the basics of adult learning.
  • Learn to prepare for a successful training session.
  • Learn to engage with an audience.
  • Learn to apply new skills across different pieces of training.
  • Practice new skills in a short training session.

Additional information on the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program is available through this video.

Whether training a new hire, instituting a new program, establishing new processes, new equipment training, or cross-training staff, the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program is a proven training method established by collegiate foodservice trainers. It can also be used to train staff on the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans, a step-by-step instruction guide that covers ten key sustainability issues for collegiate foodservice identified in the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Sustainability Guide©.

The NACUFS Train the Trainer Program will provide a professional development opportunity for your staff, build and establish trust within the team, and elevate collaboration within the various departments.


Members: Free
Non-Members: $299

NACUFS Train the Trainer