NACUFS Train the Trainer

Whether training a new hire, instituting a new program, establishing new processes, new equipment training, or cross-training staff, the NACUFS Train the Trainer Program is a proven training method established by collegiate foodservice trainers. It can also be used to train staff on the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Sustainability Guide Lesson Plans, a step-by-step instruction guide that covers ten key sustainability issues for collegiate foodservice identified in the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Sustainability Guide©.

The NACUFS Train the Trainer Program will provide a professional development opportunity for your staff, build and establish trust within the team, and elevate collaboration within the various departments.

The program is a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box system, or it can be completely  customized to your operations programs and services, whether you are contract-managed or self-operated. It includes a PowerPoint template, an instructor guide, and a learner summary sheet.

Provide ONE training to your designated team members, and from there, they can provide the training for you.

By the end of the program, your trainers will:

•    Understand who makes a successful trainer.
•    Understand the basics of adult learning.
•    Learn to prepare for a successful training session.
•    Learn to engage with an audience.
•    Learn to apply new skills across different pieces of training.
•    Practice new skills in a short training session.

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