NACUFS Member Standards of Conduct

These Standards of Conduct have been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct among members of The National Association of College & University Food Services. It is expected that all members and non-members who participate in any capacity, such as attending any NACUFS event, will abide by this policy.

We/I, as members or participants of National Association of College & University Food Services, commit:

  •   To conduct ourselves/myself in a professional manner, show courtesy and respect to all members;
  •   To uphold rigorous standards of conduct, behavior and personal integrity;
  •   To conduct our/my professional life in a manner that befits the dignity of our Association;
  •   To refrain from engaging in private business; or professional activities where there is, or appears to be, a conflict of interest;
  •   We/I commit to recognizing, respecting and cultivating the cultural differences specific to our organization, including contract and self-operated, regional affiliation, institutional size, public and private, and industry.
  •   We/I value and support diversity and the inclusion of all within our community without regard to the individual’s age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. NACUFS maintains that inclusion and diversity builds high performing organizations where people feel respected, engaged and valued for who they are and what they contribute;
  •   To accept our/my responsibility for cooperating in every reasonable and proper way with other members, association staff, and board of trustees.
  •   To accept our/my responsibility for all guests.

NACUFS shall determine, in its sole and final discretion, what constitutes unacceptable activity under this policy. There is zero tolerance toward such activity. Any issues alleged to violate this policy brought forward will be addressed between the individual(s) and NACUFS. All issues will be addressed based on this policy and how the incident may affect NACUFS and its activities. Off-site activities during NACUFS sponsored events will be addressed when behaviors may otherwise violate this policy and may have an impact on the NACUFS sponsored event. An individual alleged to have violated this policy will be afforded avenues for an appeals process. Any incident involving a member of NACUFS Staff will be addressed under this policy and under NACUFS’ responsibility to provide a workplace free of unlawful conduct.

Concerns may be brought to any member of the Board of Trustees or NACUFS Staff. Information regarding the incident will be collected and shared with the appropriate authority (as listed in the Member Standards of Conduct & Suitcasing – Procedures) so next steps can be determined. Note: If the incident may violate this policy and may affect NACUFS and/or its activities, the incident will be investigated. Once an investigation is completed, involved parties will receive appropriate notice of the investigation results, remedies applied, if any, and information regarding the appeals process, if applicable.

NACUFS will enforce this policy and reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions, without refund or compensation to the violator(s). 

  1. Verbal discussion with member;
  2. Removal or exclusion of people from any conference feature or function; 
  3. Revocation of registration badge(s) and removal from conference premises to the nearest regular city street;
  4. Revocation of NACUFS involvement; 
  5. Exclusion from future NACUFS events.