Showcase Exhibitor Information

The 2023 National Showcase first-come, first-served space assignment is now open. We welcome any foodservice product or service companies to submit their requests at this time.

Packets were emailed November 1, 2022 to the industry mailing list. If you are interested in exhibiting, you will want to complete and return the Exhibit Space Application & Contract, found within the packet, along with at least a 50% deposit to the NACUFS office (either via mail or email) at your earliest convenience. Both space application and deposit must be received for your firm to qualify for this space assignment. 

Space Assignment Packet

NACUFS 2023 Floorplan

Exhibitor Bulletin

Exhibitor Toolkit (Available Early 2023)

NACUFS Suitcasing Policy

National Showcase Guidelines

Priority Points

The NACUFS Priority Point System provides a fair and transparent method for determining the order in which companies may select their exhibit space during the initial assignment for the National Showcase. Each company who joins NACUFS and participates in its events has a priority point total in the Association’s records. These priority points are cumulative for the most recent three-year period.

Priority Point System

Space Assignment Process

Priority Points Frequently Asked Questions

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