Salary Benchmarking Survey

Compensation is one of the top indicators of job satisfaction and knowing how competitive your wages are can be an indispensable component in your employee recruitment and retention strategy. The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) Salary Benchmarking Survey provides you with the average salary and wage rates for key management and staff positions in college and university foodservice.

About the Survey

The confidential survey provides you with the average salary and wage rates for more than 30 key management and staff positions within collegiate foodservice departments, enabling you to benchmark your department's compensation against those at similar institutions. The final report will have the aggregated average compensation from all participating institutions grouped by:

  • All institutions;
  • Region;
  • Community size;
  • Annual foodservice revenue;
  • Institutional affiliation;
  • Institutional structure;
  • Self-operated or contract, and
  • Number of full-time employees.

The survey is distributed electronically by Industry Insights, Inc., a professional research firm specializing in business studies for associations. The Salary Benchmarking Survey is available exclusively to NACUFS institutional members as a member benefit, there is no fee to participate, and results are available only to members who participate. Registration for the survey opens in April of odd-numbered years (2023, 2025, 2027).


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