Zap the Generational Gap!
Transforming, Recruiting, Retaining and Engaging Multi-Generational Teams
Meagan Johnson

Having a Generational Misunderstanding is nothing new.  Many of us have walked away from a multi-generational interaction with less than stellar results. We are left scratching our heads, thinking, “is this a generational issue or a personality problem?” Combined with conflicting generational information and blatant generational stereotypes, it can be a challenge to forge a new path with the multi-generational people in our lives.

There is no denying the pandemic upended many lives and drastically altered the workplace landscape. What did not change was humanity’s desire to connect and improve upon what has come before them. Recognizing and embracing generational diversity not only makes us empathetic to others but enables us to achieve what was previously believed unattainable.
The program will include:

  • The different generations and how their Generational Signposts shape their expectation of the workplace.
  • The steps to create a generationally robust culture.
  • The top generational engagement factors.
  • Different recruitment techniques for the younger generations.
  • How Leadership optics changes and challenges each generation.
Mastering Courage and Change
Kris McGuigan, MBA, BCC, ACRW

Overcome Self-Doubt and Make Brave Decisions: What if you could stand in a place of knowing – confident in your purpose and abilities, ready to embrace next steps with fearless authenticity? Too often, even the brightest aspirations become clouded by uncertainty and are easily taken off track.
This interactive session will help you to:

  • Navigate any life-altering situation with confidence
  • Quickly let go of what does not serve you
  • Align corporate strengths to personal values 


Learning Sessions

Managing Rising Costs and Program Subsidies

Eric Barker, Director of Dining Services, Northwood University

As we have dealt with inflation and rising wages the question has oftentimes become:  How much of these costs are we going to pass on to our customers, and how much are we going to subsidize? How do we strike a balance between being good fiscal stewards and dealing with the changing landscape we find ourselves in. We will discuss how to examine and quantify the increase in wage and food costs and how to approach University Administrators with this reality, along with balancing the quality of our programs, the needs of our employees, and the costs to our customers.

Valuing Different Voices of a Team

Kelly Guralewski, Marketing Manager, University of Michigan – Michigan Dining

Gina Mouch, Senior Training Specialist, University of Michigan – Michigan Dining

As a group we'll take time to determine what each person's leadership style is. We'll dive into what we each excel at, what our work looks like when we overdo it in those areas and how we can balance our work-lives to make us feel fulfilled at work. Each one of us brings different perspectives to the table and as a group we'll learn about how we can lead with empathy and compassion, and seek to understand each other as people before our titles.

Bringing Your Community Into Campus

Patrick Clapp, Owner and Operator, Coffeestamp

Andrew Watling, Associate Director of Dining, Washington University in St. Louis

Closed since March 2020, the Grounds for Change Cafe at Washington University in St. Louis needed some new life to reopen. Our campus dining team and contract partner searched for options to revitalize the space. Come and learn about our journey to discover local talent in our community and the process to set up a local operator into a campus cafe. Hear from Coffeestamp owner, Patrick, about the challenges small businesses face in partnering with campus dining programs, and how we worked together to turn a struggling café space into something special for our community!

Adaptive Change - Ability to Empower Others

Nancy Monteer, Director of Campus Dining Services, University of Missouri

Kim Stonecipher, Training/Development Coordinator, University of Missouri

Are people resistant to change within your organization? As a leader do you have a difficult time helping individuals through change? This session will encourage you to apply adaptive change techniques throughout your organization. Explore the areas where you, as a leader, can help to create an environment in which people can more easily adapt to change.