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June 16, June 17, and June 18, 2021

Author: Alyssa Jones/Tuesday, May 18, 2021/Categories: Webinar

Event date: 6/16/2021 11:00 AM - 6/18/2021 2:00 PM Export event

Mid-Atlantic Region
Collegiate Dining is Still Building the Future
Wednesday June 16, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT
Look to the future of collegiate dining through this case study from the heart of the Mid-Atlantic! Swarthmore Dining is midway through the creative process for its new Dining Hall & Community Commons. During this Virtual Town Hall, we'll hear from the dining, consultation, and design professionals who have headed the project that will take Swarthmore Dining into the future.


  • Rob White, president, Envision Strategies, LLC
  • Tarah Schroeder, executive principal, Ricca Design Studios
  • Anthony Coschignano, assistant vice president of auxiliary services, Swarthmore College
  • Linda McDougall, dining service director, Swarthmore College


  • Richard Clow, Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador
  • Katey Carr, 2021-2022 Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador

Northeast Region
Telling Your Story Beyond COVID-19
Wednesday June 16, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT
We have all had to step up our communication to our customers over the last year and tell them our story. Learn how some of our schools have improved that communication and what lessons they are taking with them as they move toward returning to normal.


  • Ray Kohl, director of marketing and communications, University at Buffalo Campus Dining and Shops
  • Lynn Cody, assistant director of marketing and communications, College of the Holy Cross
  • Van Sullivan, executive director faculty student association, Stony Brook University


  • Chuck Nicosia, Northeast Regional Ambassador; corporate job trainer, University at Buffalo Campus Dining and Shops
  • Amy Vleminckx, senior operations manager, Cornell Dining


Southern Region
Communications Entering Fall 2021
Wednesday June 16, 2021, 3:00 PM EDT

Where does your operation stand entering Fall semester?  Are you opening back up for the first time since the onset of COVID?  Are you opening under a modified service model or are you transitioning back to a pre-pandemic operating model?  Wherever you stand, proactive and consistent communications will be paramount to your success.

Please join us as we discuss optimizing our communications for the important Fall 2021 opening.

We understand that each school faces unique challenges at this point, so applicability will be targeted depending on where each school stands.  General areas of emphasis will include:

  • Effectively communicating service model modifications to customers.
  • How can we continue to provide great customer service under social distancing?  How do we help customers feel confident about dining in with us again under standard practices?
  • How do we show that we continue to value sustainability despite COVID challenges?
  • How can we establish and maintain strong workplace culture with our team members in the current environment?
  • What are your procurement needs?  How can you effectively network and communicate with your vendors to ensure that your supply chain needs are met entering the Fall?"


  • Alan Cushman, business development manager, Texas Tech University
  • Derrick Cripps, senior director of dining, University of North Texas
  • Suzanne Paltz, director of panther dining, Georgia State University

Moderator: Chris Fagan, 2021-2022 Southern Regional Ambassador


Continental Region
Thursday June 17, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT
Diversity in Design: UCSD Encourages Diversity in Innovative New, Sixth College, Dining Space
Moderator: Chris Nukaya, Continental Regional Ambassador


Midwest Region
Staff - Re-engaging Your Employees Back to the Normal
Thursday June 17, 2021, 3:00 PM EDT

Over the past year our team members have experienced furloughs, lay-offs, working in different departments due to unit closers, running units with reduced staff and resources during a tough financial times, and in many ways just not feeling their worth.  As we move on from COVID, what strategies are needed to reenergize our team(s) back to the fast pace of production and service as our campuses fully re-open and welcome back students, faculty & staff, and the community.  


  • Carl Korz, associate director of dining & hospitality, University of Wisconsin Madison Student Union
  • Rahul Shrivastav, executive director of IU dining, Indiana University
  • Eric Barker, director of dining services, Northwood University


  • Verne Scholl, Midwest Regional Ambassador
  • Jennifer Powers, unit manager, University of Wisconsin Madison


Pacific Region
Fall 2021: Looking Ahead and Understanding the Smaller School Dining Approach
Friday June 18, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT

This Virtual Town Hall will focus on what the future of college and university dining will look like coming through the COVID-19 pandemic through the lenses of some of our region's smaller schools.  Our panelists will have an opportunity to share their strategies for managing the difficulties of filling open positions for fall, what the landscape for catering will look like on each of their campuses, as well as which successful COVID implementations will remain moving forward.


  • Albert Worotikan, director of dining services, Western Oregon University
  • David Keala, director, BYU Hawaii
  • Nancy Keller, university culinary services director, Sonoma State


  • Chris Anderson, Pacific Regional Ambassador
  • Elisa Hagopian, 2021-2022 Pacific Regional Ambassador




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