Collegiate Foodservice Professional Self-Assessment Tool

The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) has developed a self-assessment tool built around the NACUFS Collegiate Dining Body of Knowledge™. The tool enables collegiate foodservice professionals at all levels to gain insight into their strengths and areas for opportunity. Are you looking for an advancement opportunity? Help with a specific area or skill? Exploring options within collegiate dining? Utilize the self-assessment tool to guide you in your collegiate foodservice career.

Self-Assessment Tool


The self-assessment is designed to be completed however works best for you - complete the entire assessment, focus on a specific domain, or pick and choose the subdomains that impact your current role. Download the self-assessment tool to get started right away. For additional assistance on how to leverage the self-assessment tool, utilize the guidelines below. 

Once completed, continue to the Development Map to create a path most relevant to your strengths and opportunities.

For Individuals


After completing the self-assessment tool, utilize the resources below to plan for a meeting with your supervisor regarding your professional development. To enhance your meeting, reflect and critically evaluate your own progress and skill development. Share your summary of the self-assessment with your supervisor so they may review the information prior to the meeting.

Self-Assessment Guidelines for Individuals

For Supervisors

Use the self-assessment tool to identify strengths and opportunities within your team. The tool is designed for all levels of employees to complete and will aid in facilitating communication with the employee about their goals and professional development. It will help guide conversations and provide direction to resources available through NACUFS, other professional organizations, and your own university. The resources below will help guide supervisors in having a productive and successful conversation with employees.

Self-Assessment Guidelines for Supervisors