Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey

Customer satisfaction is a key indicator of success. Understanding how you compare to peer institutions can be critical in helping you identify opportunities to strengthen your foodservice program and provide the best possible experience for your customers.

The NACUFS Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey is designed to help you measure, evaluate and benchmark the varied characteristics, needs and opinions of your customers. The survey includes 25 comparative indicators of customer satisfaction and importance scored by facility, including: Food Quality | Menu Variety | Customer Service | Cleanliness | Dining Environment | Sustainability — all in an effort to help you continue to create excellence and showcase your value on campus. 

The survey measures customer satisfaction at residential dining halls (board plans) and retail units that are classified into six categories:

  1. Food Courts
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Express Units
  4. Specialty Coffee Shops/Juice Bars
  5. Sit-Down Restaurants
  6. Convenience Stores.

IMPROVED mobile capabilities!

As part of our ongoing efforts to make this service as valuable as possible and in response to member feedback, for 2017, the online survey form has been updated to provide a better experience for mobile device users. In turn, we anticipate your participation numbers will increase.

NEW questions added!

We recognize your need to tell your story of value on your campus. The following student questions were added to help you do just that:
»» How important was the perceived campus dining experience in terms of your decision to attend this institution?
»» How important is the actual campus dining experience in terms of your decision to remain at this institution?
»» How important is the campus dining experience (i.e. wi-fi, social interaction, comfort, etc.) in terms of your academic success at this institution?

What's in the data? 

PREDICTORS OF SATISFACTION: A regression analysis shows the key drivers for overall satisfaction.

GAP ANALYSIS: Easy-to-read tables show the differential between what customers say is important and their level of satisfaction.

FLEXIBLE DISTRIBUTION: Choose either online or printed questionnaires for your target market.

TREND DATA: The survey report details industry and institutional performance over the past three years.

REAL-TIME DATA*: An online dashboard displays your current up-to-date responses and results.
*Available with online distribution only.

How does it work?

The survey is available exclusively to NACUFS institutional members for a nominal fee.

Data from a survey tailored specifically for your customers and distributed on your campus will be collected and analyzed by Industry Insights, Inc., a professional research firm that specializes in business studies for associations.

After the completion of the survey, you will receive a customized report with your results compared to the aggregated scores from all participating institutions in the sample.

Data submitted is completely confidential—only you will have access to your institution’s results.

Deadline to register is September 18, 2018!