Most Innovative Wellness & Nutrition Program

The submission deadline for the 2019 awards is March 29, 2019. 

Did you host a great wellness or nutrition program this year? Maybe it was innovative, broke all attendance records, conveyed a profound message or had a positive impact on your student population. Perhaps your marketing was right on target and your handouts were slick. We want you to share your most innovative wellness or nutrition program of the past year with us.

A themed event is required. This could be a one-day event or a single program or theme that took place over time. Share your program and help all of us in NACUFS make wellness and nutrition a winning strategy. 

Contest entries will need to be submitted electronically using the form below. To begin planning your entry, please review the contest rules and download the contest entry worksheet. When you're ready to submit your contest entry, you will need to paste information from the contest entry worksheet to the Official Electronic Entry Form.

Supporting Materials

A maximum of three collateral files may be submitted as support documentation with your entry. Files must meet the following criteria:

  • Uploaded documents must be in .pdf format.
  • The combined file size of uploaded .pdf documents may not exceed 13 megabytes.
  • File names must contain the name of the institution (e.g., Example_College_Nutrition_Program.pdf).
  • A maximum of 25 photographs may be submitted, contained either within uploaded .pdf documents or in an album on a photo sharing website (e.g., Flickr, Picasa). Online albums must be titled with the name of the institution.
  • Video must be no longer than four (4) minutes in length and hosted on a video sharing website (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo) or on the institution's own website. Video must be titled with the name of the institution.
  • Any uploaded documents that contain copyrighted material and/or trademarks of others must first have written permission from each copyright and/or trademark owner for the purpose reflected in the entry and for further publication by NACUFS.
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Note: Submission time may vary depending on PDF file size. For troubleshooting, please contact

By submitting this electronic entry and typing my name below, I understand that the Voting Delegate for our school is in agreement with the following statement: I understand that entries not meeting specific requirements will be disqualified. I agree that all information on this entry form is accurate. I have read and agree with the official rules and regulations. On behalf of my institution, I grant permission for the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) to publish and/or use in any way, the material submitted as this entry, including that located at the website above. I certify that my institution has obtained from the copyright and/or trademark owner(s) written permission to use, for the purposes reflected in my institutions contest entry and for further publication and use by NACUFS, any copyrighted materials and/or trademarks not owned by my institution, and I will provide a copy of such permission(s) upon the request of NACUFS.