Retail Sales—Single Concept

(Any al a carte, single, stand-alone unit, not part of a marketplace concept.)

Submission Requirements 

See Contest Rules and Contest Penalties for complete submission details and penalties if requirements are not met.

Please note that points will be deducted if more than 12 photographs per Judging Criterion are submitted.

Judging Criteria 

Below are the 5 Judging Criteria that will be considered by the judges. Each bullet point must be addressed in your entry.  Judges will be looking for items that convey creativity, atmosphere, and uniqueness.

1. Menu and Meal (10 Points)

2. Facility Design and Merchandising (10 Points)

3. Marketing (10 Points)

4. Nutrition and Wellness (10 Points)

5. Other Considerations (10 Points)

TOTAL 50 Points Possible