Showcase Micro-Sessions

NACUFS is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for showcase exhibitors! The 2020 National Conference in Atlanta will include micro-sessions on the Showcase floor using the Pecha Kucha format.

Pecha Kucha is a stylized presentation format using PowerPoint. Each presentation is 20 slides long and shown on the screen for 20 seconds, automatically timed to advance on its own.

The Pecha Kucha presentation style is well-suited for micro topics that can be effectively covered in a brief 6.67 minutes, rather than broad conceptual ideas. For example, an equipment manufacturer may present on factors to consider related to one functional feature of a certain type of equipment. A representative from a food company might present a micro session on understanding a specific food attribute or ingredient.

Curious about what one of these looks like? View a sample presentation here.

Find the pre-timed NACUFS 2020 template for your use here.

Your presentation should be well-rehearsed to be timed with your images passing on the screen.

Please note: We are not looking for sales pitches, but new ways that you and your partners are succeeding in or bringing new ideas to college and university dining.

Submit your form and slide deck by March 6, 2020 for consideration. The conference education team will review all submissions and you will be notified by April 10, 2020 if your presentation has been selected.

Questions on what or how to present? Contact or call (517) 332-2494.

Showcase Micro-Sessions

Slide Deck
Please submit your 20-slide presentation. Keep in mind that each slide will be shown on the screen for only 20 seconds before automatically advancing, so slide content should be succinct and easily comprehended. Your attachment(s) may not contain any spaces or special characters as part of the file name.
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