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General Sessions

Thursday, July 9

Mary-Frances Winters, President & CEO, The Winters Group, Inc.

Inclusion Starts with "I"

Mary-Frances Winters

Dubbed as a thought leader in the field for the past three decades, Mary-Frances Winters has impacted over hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals with her thought-provoking message, and her approach to diversity and inclusion.   

This session will explore specific steps that leaders and/or individual contributors can take daily to continue to foster inclusion in the workplace and their communities. Using humor and storytelling, Ms. Winters will examine the role of self-understanding and barriers, like unconscious bias, that can impede our strides towards inclusion. This session will specifically address eight steps that we can take as individuals on our inclusion journey.   

Friday, July 10

Horst Schulze, Former President & COO of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Creating Excellence

Horst Shulze

A legend and leader in the hotel world, Horst Schulze's teachings and vision have reshaped the concepts of service and hospitality across industries. His principles have transformed the concepts of excellence, service, and competitive advantage, transcending divisions of industry across the business landscape. In "Creating Excellence" Horst Schulze shares expertise on excellence: Finding excellence for an organization as an individual is not the result of luck, but careful focus, planning, and processes will guarantee that you accomplish excellence in what you do.

Saturday, July 11

Mary-Frances Winters

Inclusion Happens with "Us"

Mary-Frances Winters

Keeping the conversation going, Ms. Winters will continue the discussion on inclusion by building on the opening keynot presentation. The existential search for meaning and purpose is the core of our being. An inclusive world is only possible if each of us is willing to examine our hearts, shed narrow perceptions, seek out opportunities to experience difference, and commit ourselves to continual learning.

Creating inclusive cultures is a critically important business imperative as the demographics of the U.S. become more diverse and as organizations operate increasingly in global contexts.

Super Sessions 

Thursday, July 9

Matt Trainum, Ed.D., Senior Consultant for Strategy, CREDO

More than Dining: Becoming a True Campus Partner in Chaotic Times.

Matt Trainum

Imagine a world where campus dining is valued not just as an effective side operation but as a powerful campus partner. In these tumultuous days, higher education leaders are looking for allies across the institution to anticipate, navigate, and accelerate change with student success at the heart. This session will move past immediate COVID response and share with you the research-based Thriving Framework for colleges, and the Lens of the President, presidential priorities based on 1000 institutional leader assessments. We will then match these with how NACUFS members contribute, highlighting ways to elevate your work, help students, better serve our campuses, and ultimately claim a rightful spot at the (non-dining) table.

Branson W. Ritchie, DVM, PhD., DABVP AND DECZM, University of Georgia

Avoiding Plasticosis Through Use of Bio-Sourced Alternative Plastics

Branson Ritchie

The consumer addiction to petroleum-derived products results in the production of approximately 520 billion pounds per year of environmentally damaging plastics. Single use consumer items and packaging account for half of this production. As petroleum-based plastics degrade into increasing smaller particles, a process called micronization, they become an increasing health hazard to animals and potentially humans. The health consequences of plasticosis and our research team's advances in the development of bio-sourced, microbially digestible polymers to replace petroleum-derived plastics will be discussed.

Friday, July 10

John Mount, Vice President, Sports Marketing, Coca-Cola North America

Brand Management - Why It Is So Important

John Mount

Brand management is important because it builds a loyal customer base through postive brand associations or a strong awareness of the brand. General factors in the branding strategy of Coca-Cola Company have forever been related with the sense of joy, unity, and togetherness and has been a synonym to 'Happiness and Sharing' for over 100 years. This session will provide examples and components important to building and growing a brand.

Kathryn Fenner & Wade Hanson, Technomic

How to Win Over the Gen Z Student

Kathryn Fenner

 Wade Hanson

Generation Z visits restaurants more frequently than previous generations. This session will demonstrate what restaurant concepts and trends are winning these students over and how to apply it in your operation.



Come one, come all to the 20th annual NACUFS Culinary Challenge.

Six contenders chosen in regional challenges earlier in 2020 will be traveling to Atlanta to showcase their talents in this American Culinary Federation-sanctioned contest.

Each chef has created an original recipe with the mandatory ingredients, cornish hen and black beluga lentils. In a dash against the clock, and battling each other’s culinary talents, individual competitors will be searing, sautéing, and braising, as they aim to take a stab at first place and a gold medal in this fiery competition.

Three ACF-approved judges will select the winners in this Category W - Customized Wildcard Competition. Contestants will be judged on the taste of the finished product, the demonstration of cooking skills and culinary techniques, and the practice of organizational skills, including sanitation principles.

ACF gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded on competition point totals, and the winner of the 2020 NACUFS Culinary Challenge will be the chef with the highest point total.

Be sure to be in attendance to cheer for the chef of your choice as they bring the heat to Atlanta!