Apply for an Institute

The 2020 Institute application is now available! 

The institute application process uses an online application form that must be submitted by the following deadlines:

It is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been successfully received by NACUFS.

Application Guidelines

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be employed by an active NACUFS institutional member and receive approval from their Voting Delegate and immediate supervisor to apply.

Completing the Online Application Form

The online version of the application form MUST BE completed in one sittingThe option to save and return to the online form is not available.  Please download the Institute Application Worksheet and use the fillable form as a starting place to draft your application.  You will still need to return to this page, cut and paste from your worksheet, and then submit the online application form.  

Applying for more than one institute in the same year. 

Submit a separate online application form for each institute. 

Application Fee

There is no application fee.  If accepted to an institute, you will need to cover your own hotel, travel and some on-site meals. Your institution may be entitled to a travel grant to defray hotel and travel costs – contact the association for more information.

Confirming your Application Submission

It is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been successfully received by NACUFS.  After you submit your online application, you will receive on-screen notification that it has been successfully submitted.  In addition, you and your Voting Delegate will receive an automated email notification of the submission.  If you do not receive either of these two notifications or want to confirm receipt, contact prior to the application deadline. 

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Applicant Information

Educational Background

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Four-Year Degree

Master's Degree

Employment History

List present position first, followed by the position you held previous to this one, moving backwards.

For dates preceding 2003, type in the start date manually. Example: 01/01/1991 (Must be in this format).

Contribution to NACUFS

Personal and Professional Reasons for Wanting to Participate

Supporting Documents (MUST be in PDF Format)

This step is optional, and allows you to attach a resume, letter of recommendation or other document to assist in the evaluation of your institute application. Your attachment may not contain any spaces or special characters as part of the file name.
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By checking the box below, I affirm that all information on this application is accurate and hereby submit my application for the NACUFS institute(s) indicated on the form. I understand that my application will be reviewed by a selection committee that will determine my participation in the programs.

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By checking the box below, I affirm that I have reviewed this application with my direct supervisor and the NACUFS voting delegate at my institution and have approval to apply for and attend the institute(s) indicated. An email will be sent to the voting delegate listed below confirming the submission of my application.

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Note: Submission time may vary depending on PDF file size. For troubleshooting, please contact the Education Dept., at (517) 332-2494 or Send Mail