Information for Students

Being a paid foodservice management summer intern is a great way to learn more about the exciting opportunities available in the growing industry of college/university dining services. You will be able to gain experience with hands-on training and network with foodservice professionals from one of more than 25 participating host schools.

Download the intern codes of conduct here (pdf).

What others are saying about their FMI experience:

"I couldn’t have asked for a more remarkable experience or summer. I came in thinking I was going to learn what dining services at a college campus was like and came out knowing what an entire food industry is like.  Coming from someone who is very indecisive about their future, this internship helped me understand what it means to be in food service and gave me a better idea of how I want to incorporate it into my lifestyle."

“Imagine being able to take that Introduction to Food Service textbook and live each chapter. That’s what the NACUFS Food Service Management Internship has allowed me to do. It has opened my eyes to the possibility of food service as a career path, which many dietetic students never consider.”

"This summer opened my eyes to the field I had already fallen in love with – and I now feel more confident than ever to enter such a diverse and wonderful industry."

"I learned so much about myself.  I am usually a shy person, but I found that I was really able to step out of my comfort zone and become a more outgoing person.  I told myself that this was a great opportunity and that I needed to take advantage of every experience possible. "

“The internship truly is what you make out of it. Don’t be afraid to take initiative, or ask for things to be changed. Staff do their best to accommodate and make it a great experience for you. In our internship, we had asked if we could take the ServSafe exam and so we got to borrow textbooks, study on our time off, and got to be ServSafe certified by the mid-term of the internship. They were also extremely flexible in allowing us to explore our interests. For example, we wanted to have the chance to create a themed-meal, so they allowed us to do so and we learned a lot from the process of menu planning, aesthetics, and meal preparation. “

“Make the most of this experience. Ask questions, talk to a variety of people, explore the surrounding area, get to know lots of new people, and take in this experience to the fullest.”

“This internship gave me various hands-on experiences which I have never learned before. I was able to utilize the knowledge I have learned in my college into this internship (menu planning, purchasing, inventory, budget statement etc) This internship enriches my college years and makes me passionate about what I’m doing right now and future.”