2018-2019 Board of Trustees

A great organization relies on great leadership, and NACUFS is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers that are committed to making the association successful. NACUFS is governed by a volunteer board of trustees composed of fourteen voting members—the board's four officers: Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Treasurer; and eight At-Large Trustees, the Industry Trustee, the Guest Trustee and the CEO, who shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member.

robert_holden.jpg Robert Holden
University of Georgia

Kirk Rodriguez
Texas Tech University

Patti_Klos_NACUFS_Board.jpg Patti Klos
Immediate Past President
Tufts University
Gretchen Gretchen M. Couraud, CAE, CFRE

Jeff Yawn
Georgia Southern University

 MC.JPG Merrill Collins
At-Large Trustee
Connecticut College

Jon Garrett
Industry Trustee
Premier Inc. 

 Jhickey.jpg Jennifer Hickey
At-Large Trustee
Washington & Lee University
 Steve_Mangan_Photo_web.jpg Steve Mangan
At-Large Trustee
University of Michigan
 Monteer_Nancy_web.jpg Nancy Monteer
At-Large Trustee
University of Missouri
 Kerry_.jpg Kerry Paterson
At-Large Trustee
Oregon State University


 Patridge_Kristina_web.jpg Kristina Patridge
At-Large Trustee
University of Alabama



Orlynn Rosaasen
At-Large Trustee
University of North Dakota


Ken Toong
At-Large Trustee
University of Massachusetts Amherst


H. Michael Rice
Guest Trustee 
Michigan State University - Retired


"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

– John C. Maxwell