When is the deadline for the current year's contest?
The deadline for the 2014 contest is Friday, March 7, 2014.

How do I apply?
The 2014 application form will be available online by January 5, 2014  Or, complete the downloadable/pdf form. Once completed, scan/email, fax, or mail the form to Katie Kiter at the association office.

What needs to be included with my application?
The application form should be accompanied by at least 3 -5 photos that depict particular aspect(s) of the entry category(ies) that will help the judging committee to visualize the venue and/or program submitted.  Other supporting information can be sent, but is not required.  (This contest does not require a scrapbook or other visual display.  Instead, the application form and photos are all that is necessary to be considered for the contest. At the same time, be sure you have sent enough information to give the judges a complete picture of your operation and it's successful and/or innovative aspects.)  A camera crew will be sent to the winning schools to capture a video-tour of the winning venue(s)/program(s) for the annual C-Store Best in the Business DVD.

Can I purchase copies of previous year DVD'S?
Copies of the 2006 - 2013 C-Store Best in the Business DVDs are available for $50, while supplies last.  Each video includes a video-tour of the contest winner operations in those years.  To check on availability of a particular year, send an email to education@nacufs.org or contact Karen Ruthenberg at (517) 332-2494.   Recent years can be ordered by completing the NACUFS Publication Order Form and submitting it to the email address included on the form. 

Copies of the 2014 DVD will be available on July 8, 2014 for $99 to members/$149 to non-members.  Use the same publication order form for ordering.

Can I purchase additional tickets to the Best in the Business awards luncheon?
Additional 2014 awards luncheon tickets can be purchased prior to the event.  Contact Trish Collier at (517) 332-2494 if interested in reserving additional seats for this event.  You will be notified of the final ticket price once menu selections have been made. Payment can be arranged for at that time, to be paid for by check or credit card in advance of the event.  (No cash will be accepted at the event.)