Institutes Overview

The eight NACUFS professional development institutes are among the most rigorous—and rewarding—educational programs offered by the association. Taken as a whole, the eight NACUFS institute programs provide the core competencies identified as critical to success in the collegiate foodservice profession. 

Each program lasts four to six days and includes classroom instruction, appropriate sponsor and campus tours, extensive peer-to-peer interaction, and an individual or group project for immediate application of the program content.  The institutes are comprised of three Foundation Institutes and five Capstone Institutes. While it is recommended that the Foundation Institutes be completed first, all are designed to stand independent of the knowledge gained in the others.

Only NACUFS institution members are eligible to apply for and attend the institutes. Participants are selected through an application process. Selected participants pay no registration fee and receive national and regional travel grants to help cover the cost of their hotel, travel, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

National Travel Grants:  National travel grants  range from $200 - $600 per year, as approved in the NACUFS budget.  Combined with a regional travel grant of $200-$400, this typically covers a significant portion of the out-of-pocket expenses for attending an institute program and make the institute programs a great educational bargain.

Foundation Institutes (Summer)
Foodservice Management Institute (FSMI)
Human Resource Institute (HRI)
Leadership Institute (LI)

Capstone Institutes (Summer)
Facilities Management Institute (FacMI)
Financial Management Institute (FinMI)
Planning Institute (PI)

Capstone Institutes (Winter)
Customer Service Institute (CSI)
Marketing Institute (MI)
Foundation Institute programs are offered every year. Capstone Institutes are offered in alternating (odd or even) years. 

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